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PGT Prop and Scenery Rentals

Bring our Craft to your Stage or Event.

Props and Scenery are available for rental from the Play Group Theatre’s extensive collection.

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Flexible Props and Scenery

Within our collection, the Play Group Theatre has stock to support the following types of shows:

  • Fairy Tale
  • Fantasy
  • Period
  • Contemporary
  • Animals

Specialty Props

We also have specialty props that may be useful for your upcoming production.

  • Nissan Hardbody pickup truck prop (Hands on a Hardbody) sectional, light-weight, smart casters - More Info and Pics >>
  • Magic props for MATILDA the Musical including the magic chalkboard, disappearing cake and tipping/rotating magic cup - More Info and Pics >>
  • Pinocchio growing nose mask — pneumatic, small child (Shrek; My Son, Pinocchio) - More Info and Pics >>
  • Truffula tree (Seussical)
  • Wheel chair (contemporary)
  • Cow “Milky White” (Into the Woods) - Pics >>
  • “Remote controlled” Hen (Into the Woods)
  • Golden Harp (Into the Woods)
  • Audrey II — hand-held (Little Shop of Horrors)
  • Digitigrade faun legs — Boots with hoof extensions (Mr. Tumnus' feet, Narnia) - Pics >>
  • Street Lamp, Lantern; Rechargeable battery operated (Narnia, The Lion the with and the Wardrobe) on casters

Additional rental policy and contract information

For more information on scenic and prop rentals, please contact our rentals coordinator at rentals@playgroup.org or (914) 946-4433.

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