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Kids who grow up in The Play Group Theatre's programs find lifelong connections to mentors and peers; they find creative inspiration and a drive for success; they welcome new discoveries and develop formative thinking...

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December 19, 2023

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We have witnessed, in our 27+ year history, that a sustained exposure to quality arts education throughout adolescence, supported by creative mentors and surrounded by creative peers, produces adult leaders and innovators across all industries and fields. We firmly believe that every child must have access to a quality arts education, and that, in order to achieve true artistic success, all students should be creatively challenged by those who don’t look, think, or live as they do.

Diversity in educational theatre, and equal access for all students is hindered when families cannot afford to provide quality and long-lasting creative opportunities for their children.

It is incumbent upon our community to work together to provide equal access and equivalent experiences for all children - our own as well as those who would not otherwise benefit from the transformative power of a PGT experience.


Thank you, for bringing the magic of PGT to a deserving child in our community!

ABOUT: The PGT Scholarship Fund

The PGT Scholarship Fund supports our partnerships with the White Plains Youth Bureau and El Centro Hispano, as well as our broader reach to local families and children in the Westchester communities, allowing us to open our doors and arms to those who would otherwise be denied access to quality arts education.

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