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Our youngest campers, ages 4-6, enjoy the benefits of being part of the bigger program, while still having their own space and their own program — designed especially for them! Little Theatre joins the rest of the students to start and end each day - and for lunch! In between, they enjoy their own classes in acting, dance and singing. The days in Little Theatre are spent exploring the imagination, performing for peers, and using the body and voice to give expression to the unique creative spark within each student!

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Little Theatre

Puppets, masks, instruments, costumes, props and music are ever present throughout the day, and craft projects are used to further explore the artistic process. Creative play time is included daily, (as is snack, which PGT provides!) Little Theatre students get the chance to study with all of the PGT teaching artists throughout the week, while they also benefit from the consistency of one teaching artist who guides them through each day, from "Morning Hello" through all classes and activities, to lunchtime and "Campfire" at the end of the day.

By popular request, Little Theatre is now five days a week and a full day program, and we are so excited to have our youngest campers here at PGT throughout the whole camp day! Little Theatre takes place in two sessions. Different material is covered in each session and we look forward to having many of the same students from session 1 return for session 2. Students registering for both sessions receive a discount!

Students who register for session 1 may also extend their session by one or two additional weeks. Tuition will be prorated on a weekly basis.

Final Showcase: Each session ends with an informal presentation of the students' work for family, friends and all of the PGT Summer students.

Getting Started



Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:00pm


2-Week Session 1
July 8 - July 19, 2024

2-Week Session 2
July 22 - Aug 2, 2024

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