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Weather Watch: All performances of The Little Mermaid will be presented as scheduled this weekend. Check back here for weather watch updates. An update will be posted on Saturday, January 23 at approximately 4:30pm.

Plays & Musicals

Original Musicals

The following full length musicals are currently available for licensing from The Play Group Theatre's production library:

  • Family for Sale
    A boy trades in his family for a life of freedom - but, when he finds out that being on your own isn't so easy, is it too late to get his family back? (sound bite)
  • Girl Talk
    An all girl cast sings from the heart about the joys and struggles of being a female child.

More of PGT's original plays and musicals will be available in the coming year. Please check again soon or request to be updated by sending an e-mail to

Ordering Perusals:

  • To order a perusal, complete and fax a perusal request form. Perusals cost $6 per digital script or $10 per mailed hard copy. To order by phone, please call 914-946-4433.

We look forward to helping you stage your next performance!

If you would like to stage a production of one of PGT's original plays or musicals, please complete the Performance Rights Application and return to PGT via fax at 914-946-1336 or by mail to The Play Group Theatre, 1 N Broadway, Suite 111, White Plains, NY 10601.

For more information about theatre publications from The Play Group Theatre, please email our rentals coordinator at or call us at (914) 946-4433 to discuss which scripts may be right for your theatre group.

The Play Group Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization made possible in part by generous donors like you. Thank you for your support!