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PGT Graduates

The PGT staff applauds all of our graduates, who have attended the following Colleges
and Universities:

  • Bard College
  • Bennington University
  • Boston Conservatory
  • Boston University
  • Brandeis University
  • Brown University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Catholic University
  • Clark University
  • Colgate University
  • Columbia University
  • Connecticut College
  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Duke University
  • Emerson College
  • George Washington University
  • Goucher College
  • Harvard University
  • Indiana University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Middlebury College
  • Muhlenberg College
  • New York University
  • NYU Tisch School of the Arts
  • Northwestern University
  • Oberlin College
  • RISD: Rhode Island School of Design
  • Skidmore College
  • Smith College
  • SUNY Binghamton
  • SUNY Buffalo
  • SUNY Purchase
  • Syracuse University
  • Tufts University
  • University of the Arts in Philadelphia
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Miami
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Rochester
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Vassar College
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Wesleyan University
  • Yale University

Alumni Highlights

We love keeping the PGT community in touch with our alumni through alumni highlights in our show playbills. Here are some highlights from recent playbills:
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown playbill - Fall 2011


The 1999 Cast of You're a Good Man Charlie Brown


Appeared in: 11 PGT shows
Graduated in: 2004
College: Washington University
Currently: Accounting Assoc. at the Robin Hood Foundation

How has PGT influenced your life? While guiding my research for roles I was given, PGT taught me that being true to the character was not just good acting, but it was an honesty of who a person is and what made them the way they are. Outside of the performance, this allowed me to recognize that people have very different experiences, and while differences should generally be celebrated, some create hardship. Some of those differences may mean that life is increasingly challenging in ways that cannot be controlled, and working to help others can have a grand impact. It is in this vein that I work to alleviate poverty and help change the paths of those less fortunate - to provide opportunity by working for Robin Hood and with the 200+ nonprofit grantees that benefit from our guidance and support.

played SALLY

Appeared in: 17 PGT shows
Graduated in: 2008
College: Duke University
Currently: Majoring in International Comparative Studies

How has PGT influenced your life? This year I am assistant directing a show at school called Me Too Monologues. Me Too Monologues is an annual show about identity (race, religion, gender, and sexuality) that is written, performed, and produced by members of the Duke community. People submit stories of their experiences anonymously and we turn them into a documentary theatre performance. PGT taught me that there is something truly special about working as part of an ensemble. I strive to create collaborative communities like the PGT community everywhere I go.

played LUCY

Appeared in: 15 PGT shows
Graduated in: 2006
College: NYU
Currently: Pre-school teacher at Washington Market School

How has PGT influenced your life? It would take me too long to explain all the ways PGT has influenced me, as a teacher and as a person. But... I basically sing everything I say to my students all day long so it helps that I can carry a tune.

played LINUS

Appeared in: 14 PGT shows
Graduated in: 2006
College: NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Currently: Actor, Founder of First Theatre Productions

How has PGT influenced your life? More than anything, PGT instilled in me a love of theater and of pursuing a creative lifestyle. From the time I was seven, PGT’s professional yet noncompetitive approach to actor training helped shape my acting instincts. To this day, I remember learning specific tricks, tips and principles of the stage that continue to guide my artistic choices in the rehearsal process and in performance. Whether it’s “cheating out”, staying present while listening, or (for the more visual directors) plain hitting a mark and making it work from an acting standpoint, my experiences with PGT set a strong foundation that I can forever continue to build on. But perhaps the most important thing I learned with PGT is the importance of immersing myself in a creative milieu. PGT attracts the kindest, most supportive and talented artists. When one is surrounded by friends who are passionate about the same things, it is the ideal setting for growth as individuals and as a community. I hope to one day build the kind of community that PGT invites any and all to be a part of.

played FRIEDA

Appeared in: 17 PGT shows
Graduated in: 2006
College: NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Currently: Founder of

How has PGT influenced your life? Well I studied theater at NYU Tisch and then went on to audition professionally and booked a few jobs. So PGT certainly influenced all of that! But recently I decided to take a solo trip through South East Asia and design a collection of bracelets to fight human trafficking. The funny thing is -- PGT definitely influenced that as well. This project is really just another form of storytelling. The medium may be different, but when I work on this project, I think like a storyteller because that is how PGT trained me to think. What a gift! PGT teaches you how to communicate whatever it is that you care about in a way that is original and sincere and compelling. When you graduate, you just have to figure out what it is you’d like to say.

played MARCIE

Appeared in: 12 PGT shows
Graduated in: 2003
College: Brandeis University
Currently: Teaching Artist, Dirctor and Playwright

How has PGT influenced your life? After performing as Marcie in the PGT 1999 Production, I’m directing Scenes and Songs from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown at a school in Queens! My favorite shows to direct are ones I acted in or saw at PGT, because they are the shows I know the best, and, let’s face it: I’m growing up to be the next generation of Jills and Stephies!

played CLARA

Appeared in: 14 PGT shows
Graduated in: 2006
College: University of Michigan, Brown University
Currently: Teaching at MATCH Middle School in Boston

How has PGT influenced your life? I am training as an English teacher and am trying to make texts come alive with my theatre training. This week, I created a tutorial in which kids wrote and conducted "Character interviews" with their tutors. I used to do this in acting technique classes with Stephie! In a few weeks, I'll be directing scenes from Shakespeare with my 8th graders to help them delve more deeply into the text.

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