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Theatre Dance

Theatre Dance

If you plan to audition for - and perform in! - musicals, it is essential that you be able to dance with at least a minimum level of technical expertise. Many young performers are Actor-Singers who may have a little bit of dance training….but mostly are learning to dance just by doing choreography in shows. Does that sound like you? Well, FINALLY, PGT is launching what every young actor needs: The PGT Musical Theatre Dance Department!!

Design/Tech Track

PGT Choreographer/Dance Teacher/Director Sara Coombs will head the new Dance Department. She is designing classes that are based in ballet and jazz technique and will emphasize learning musical theatre combinations. These classes are specifically designed for the Actor, and are different than dance classes that you will find in any dance studio.

Have you ever felt like a choreography rehearsal or dance audition was just one big blur that you couldn’t keep up with? Have you ever wished you could dance as well as you can sing, or act? Well….now you can! This is a tool every young actor needs in his or her tool belt. And we are making it so easy for you to register!

Dance classes have been designed to fit perfectly into both the MainStage and Theatre Lab schedules, so you can take classes just before or after your rehearsals. Class calendar >>

It's time to become a Triple Threat!

Middle School Dance Grades 5-8
Thursdays 4pm—5pm
Elementary Dance Grades 1-4
Mondays 5pm—6pm

Understanding the PGT Design/Tech Schedule... in 4 Easy Steps

1.When we receive your registration form, we email you some paperwork, including the Conflict Form. You fill in all of your child’s activities - soccer, dance class, etc. as well as weekends away, etc. Basically, your entire family calendar for the entire season.

2.Design/Tech students are then assigned a D/T section (weekly day and time), based on their availability, and the MainStage rehearsal schedule.

3.D/T students follow their weekly schedule throughout the season. If they are going to miss a session, they may have the opportunity to make the day up on one of the other D/T days.

4.Each D/T student has the opportunity to tech one or more MainStage show - working lights, sound, wardrobe and/or running crew through Tech Week and Performances. This optional part of the program is as exciting as it is time intensive. Tech Week and Performances are serious commitments - it is intense and tiring but exciting and wonderful as we add all of our tech and design elements to our productions...and the most wonderful bonds of friendship are formed! Tech Week includes a long Sunday rehearsal, and rehearsal every evening during the that week, Mon - Thurs. These dates are set at the beginning of the season, so you can plan well in advance.

Theatre Dance Dates

Fall 2018

Mon. class October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 November 5, 12, 19, 26 December 3
Thur. classes Oct 4, 11, 18, 25 Nov 1, 8, 15, 29 Dec 6, 13
No sessions on: --------- Nov. 22 ---------

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