The Play Group Theatre


PGT Summer Theatre starts here

Weather Watch: All performances of The Little Mermaid will be presented as scheduled this weekend. Check back here for weather watch updates. An update will be posted on Saturday, January 23 at approximately 4:30pm.

  • Mainstage Theatre

    Our proscenium theatre combines a full 30’ by 30’ stage with a 228 fixed seat tiered house. Audience size is currently expandable to 240. See our technical specs sheet for more detailed information. House: 2500sf. Stage and wings: 1660sf.

  • Studio Theatre

    Our studio theatre is a flexible and intimate performance space with removable seating. The studio theatre seats approximately 80 and combines the feel of a “black box” theatre with wide seating tiers. It also serves as an interesting reception space. 1630sf.

  • Lobby

    The PGT lobby’s open 28’ square two story reception area with floor to ceiling windows overlooks North Broadway’s Tibbets Park. The lobby serves as flexible event space either independently or in combination with one of our theatres. Event photos >>

  • Rehearsal Studios

    PGT rehearsal space includes two open 600sf studios on our mezzanine level as well as a 500sf activity room on our lower level.

  • Offices

    The Play Group Theatre offices include our administrative offices as well as a convenient box office for ticket sales.

  • Greenroom

    The Green Room serves our theatres and includes 2 dressing rooms, backstage bathroom and laundry room. The Green Room is immediately adjacent to the off-stage right wing of the MainStage with access to the lobby area as well.

  • Lockers & Restrooms

    Public facilities include full women’s and men’s bathrooms which serve audiences and event guests. Our lockers are a great place for actors to stash their stuff before rehearsal!

  • Scene Shop

    Custom scenery plays a large role in both our live performances and community scenic rentals. Our scene shop supports construction of several original sets each season.

  • Costume Shop

    Whether we are creating one or one hundred original custom costumes for an upcoming production, the costume shop is essential for bringing PGT magic to the stage.

  • Collection Storage

    After an original costume, set or prop finishes its run on our stage, it can find a home in our extensive collection storage. Here it waits for its next stage appearance either at PGT or an off-site venue through our community rentals.

Lobby Event

Alternate view of Lobby with current paint treatment. Next event photo

Lobby Event

Sample buffet event setup in PGT Lobby. Next event photo | Previous event photo

Lobby Event

Sample buffet event setup in PGT Lobby. Next event photo | Previous event photo

Lobby Event

Sample buffet event setup in PGT Lobby. Previous event photo

The Play Group Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization made possible in part by generous donors like you. Thank you for your support!