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Arts in Education

Artist in Residence Program

Through the Artist in Residence Program, The Play Group Theatre provides students the opportunity to explore active collaboration with professional artists in their own classroom environment. It is our goal to enhance the curriculum and lessons in each grade by facilitating the release of each student’s own creative expression — through the written and/or spoken word as well as physical and dramatic expression.

Residencies include:

Responding to Literature

Using stories, poetry, books and plays as a foundation, PGT’s Teaching Artists bring the world of literature off of the page and onto the stage. Students will learn to bring words to life, connecting to the ideas in literature and articulating their responses in a hands-on, creative environment.

Speaking and Listening

The very foundation of the craft of acting lies in speaking and listening. PGT’s Teaching Artists get students up on their feet, exploring games and exercises designed to enhance listening, articulation and concentration skills and engender physical cooperation.


This five session residency fully explores the structural elements of a drama (cast of characters, settings, descriptions, dialogue, stage directions) as well as the dramatic elements (character development, conflict, goals, obstacles, plot development, style) through the creation of ten minute plays. PGT’s Teaching Artists guide students through the collaborative process of writing, revising and, ultimately, performing staged readings of the plays.

The Power of the Word

Nothing defines the “power of the word” quite as much as modern day advertising. This residency brings PGT’s Teaching Artists, along with video camera, into the classroom to explore the art of persuasive writing — and performing! Students have the opportunity to become commercial writers and actors… and to watch the results!

Public Speaking

Through physical gestures, clear diction and dynamic speaking techniques, students learn to "suit the action to the word, the word to the action" when they stand in front of their peers to present reports, poems, stories, etc. PGT’s Teaching Artists introduce the basics of acting technique to enhance the art of public speaking, giving students the tools they need to confidently speak aloud in class.

To discuss residency opportunities for your school, please contact Rachael Goren, Education Director at or Jill Abusch, Artistic Director at or call (914) 946-4433.

The Play Group Theatre’s Arts In Education Program has brought Teaching Artists into many area schools and community organizations, including:

  • Yonkers School District
  • White Plains Youth Bureau
  • Greenvale School, Eastchester
  • Harrison High School, Harrison
  • New Rochelle Public Library, New Rochelle
  • Bronxville Elementary School, Bronxville
  • Patricia DiChiaro School, Yonkers
  • W.E. Cottle School, Eastchester
  • Murray Avenue School, Larchmont
  • Chatsworth School, Larchmont
  • Sts. John and Paul, Larchmont
  • Columbus School, New Rochelle
  • Colonial School, Pelham
  • Ridge Street School, Rye Brook
  • Temple Emanu-El, Rye
  • Fox Meadow School, Scarsdale
  • Quaker Ridge School, Scarsdale
  • Solomon Schechter School, White Plains
  • Temple Israel Center, White Plains
  • Eastview School, White Plains

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