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College Counseling & Audition Prep

College Counseling

PGT offers professional college counseling to high school students preparing to include theatre in their college experience. This specialized guidance helps students and their parents successfully navigate the college selection and application process - an essential supplement to the general guidance resources available through local high schools and private counselors.

Beginning with disseminating the BFA, BA and Conservatory training options, The Play Group Theatre college counseling can help you comfortably work through identifying colleges that are a good fit and meet your interests, preparing the written application, supplements and support material, and preparing any required auditions.

Jill Abusch

Students and parents work with Jill Abusch, PGT Artistic Director and College Counselor, who shares a wealth of information on theatre specific college planning. Jill has guided High School juniors and seniors through this process throughout her career. Her approach leaves room for the excitement and fun that should be a part of this milestone moment.

No matter how you want to include theatre in your college life, get the process started by scheduling a planning session with a College Counseling Specialist. Counseling at PGT is available as a single one hour session or as part of a more complete counseling package.

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"I love the college process. Despite the intrinsic challenges and hard work involved, I believe strongly that applying to college does not have to be a stressful or harrowing experience. When approached well, the application process can be an exciting, joyful time of deep self-reflection, and just the right balance of growing independence and parent/child togetherness.

Of course, there is so much to navigate when applying for college - especially when theatre will be an important part of your college life. With admit rates as low as 3% at many of the top theatre programs and audition requirements in addition to all those applications, our students and their parents have found it essential to have specialized guidance to help them make informed decisions along the way... and I love taking the journey with them!" ~ Jill Abusch

Audition Coaching

Receive coaching on your college audition as part of your college counseling package. Whether your auditions are live or filmed, The Play Group Theatre’s professional staff is available to work with you on your college audition.

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To schedule your college counseling or audition coaching sessions, email Jill at or call the PGT office at (914) 946-4433.

Heard from our students

"I just wanted to thank you for all the help so far. It means a lot that you care so much about my whole college process. I think its really cool.

No essay here. Just thanks."

~ Nate

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